Antique Typewriter Collecting
Hammond No. 1 - Circa 1883

Antique Typewriters: My first experience with an antique typewriter took place in the late 1970s.  While employed as a repairman for a typewriter company in New York City, I noticed an old, dusty, Oliver typewriter, sitting on a shelf, just waiting for me to claim it.  This was certainly the strangest typewriter I had ever seen and after carefully packaging the machine and carrying it on the NYC subway system, my Oliver had found a home.  I quickly discovered there wasn't much information available on the subject, not to mention finding others who were interested in these machines. A Blickensderfer soon followed and I was hooked.  A collector was born!  It's now thirty years later and the Great Typewriter Hunt continues...

Welcome To The World of Collectible Typewriters!

INFORMATION about historical typewriters is also available at this site. There is nothing more I like to talk about than old typewriters.  I can help you identify, date and possibly tell you just a little more than you might have known about that old typewriter you have...

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